Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Pretty Postcards

I had some time to kill is Helston the other day (because a certain Flik turned up an hour late to go to truro for fabric - something I'll blog about another time) so I went into the "market" which consists of a tiny hall in the center of town selling a few plants, a few cakes, some amazing handmade lace which I really really wanted but couldn't justify spending £10 on and boxes of postcards. Lots were new ones but I found an old leather case full of older ones. The few that had dates were of the 20s. They were 50p each though so not a total bargin when you really just want to buy them all. I managed to limit myself to 5, mostly pictures of people. I love the two above. The first is dated May 1924 and the second is a photograph with the postcard layout printed on the back which seems a little high-tech for those days. I liked the first for it's prettyness as a photograph but the second I had to have for the brilliant outfits the 3 girls are wearing. I guess the photo was taken on a beach holiday along a strand.

This one just makes me laugh! The picture is so posed and the little girl looks quite grumpy about the whole thing. It's actually a birthday postcard with a sickly sweet little poem in the bottom right corner. It was from the birthday girl's "hubby". I really love the little hat and dress and the way the umbrella and flowers are so neatly positioned.

This was the only one I bought that wasn't a portrait. I used to visit Weymouth a lot for family holidays when I was younger. One of the first memories I have is of a donkey ride along that beach. I'm not sure how much it's changed now but I miss having that few cars on the road and those buses! (though on my recent trip to the scillies, all the local buses on st marys did look quite like that.)

And finally, this is the last one. It's not my favourite but I liked the way it was sort of in colour but not quite and the girl's hair is amazing. I spend too much time wishing I had curly hair Though if I did, I'd probably give my soul for it to be straight - the grass is always greener on the other side.

These are the backs of a few. I love the old writing and the stamps! You can click the image to see it bigger I think... If I've got it to work right.

I think that'll do for a post. Once I got the scanner working here, I couldn't help but scan everything in sight so I've got a few from the latest vogue that happened to be lying around here but I'll pop them in the next one.

Let me know with a comment below if you're reading this blog (to spur me to carry on). Maybe let me know which card was your favourite? Thanks x


  1. I am reading! Of course...! The cards look so perfect with your background - it's like they're part of it! I love the top left one, the girl on the right looks sooper cool!
    p.s. sorry for being late :p

  2. Haha. I'll forgive you just this once. I think that's my favourite too but they are all pretty good. xxx