Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Afternoon tea top

Just finished making this afternoon tea top from the pattern from burdastyle. Anyone that's ever sewn with me knows I don't do patterns. It's was a battle but luckily it didn't come with lots of instructions and I just ignored the pattern pieces that I couldn't work out so it seems to come out ok. I even managed darts! Altogether it was a very un-bunni make but I'm pleased how it came out. So pleased in fact that I didn't wait til I'd actually finished it til I took photos (spot the un-hemmed edge) so I'm actually still hand sewing the zip in a bit tighter at the moment.

I used my £3.99 a meter dirty baby blue spotted fabric from truro fabric shop and put a piece of lace in the seam. That actually happened by accident... I meant it to be on the top edge but because it's made from a pattern, I didn't know which was the top edge til I'd realised I'd already done it wrong. This is the problem with patterns. If I'd just made it from my head, I'd know which was the top edge! I guess I could manage them if I was just a little more organised and methodical.

This is actually my first day off in a while. With boardmasters and all the sunny days, I've been needed at work pretty much all the time. But when it starts raining again which must be soon now I'll start blogging more regularly again.

Let me know what you think as usual with a comment below.

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  1. I love, love, love it! I've been wanting to make that one...saw it and thought it looked really cute, so saved the pattern - and predictably never got round to it.
    Am very impressed at you using a pattern :p would look cool if you added the same lace onto the top bit as well maybe? Could do by hand or something.
    But it's seriously cool, loving the fabric!