Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Patchwork pillows and muffins, anything to avoid revision

I started of the day with good intentions. Then one thing lead to another and I had started and finished a whole patchwork and turned it into a pillow. I've never tried patchwork before but rosie and I went a little mad on ebay and ended up buying a set of squares of kath kidston-esk fabric. I wouldn't usually use fabric for anything except dressmaking but there's not many items of clothing you can make out of 16 10x10cm squares!

For a few tips on simple patchwork go here or here.
And I like this idea for making a patchwork stuffed animal.

Then I was sure I'd be able to settle down and read a bit for my exam tomorrow. But Anna decided it was a day for cupcakes. Normally we'd make proper sickly ones and plaster them in buttercream but disaster struck as we realised we didn't have any icing sugar! So we tried some apple and cinnamon muffins with a crumble-like topping.

The recipe will appear on anna's blog sooooon.

Right. Revision. Goodbye for now...

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